Is Vertical Video a new format?

Vertical Video Cinema pictures and Television has always been displayed in a horizontal (or landscape) format. Yes, there have been 4:3 aspect ratios that seem almost square to us now, and there have been various "flavours" of widescreen images over the years, yet it is effectively a horizontal format. This is how the human eyes [...]

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Using video for stage presentations-Part 1

Using video for stage presentations-Part 1 When you are planning to use video as part of your use presentation from stage, the presentation of your video will need to be planned and coordinated carefully. Ideally, your presentation is rehearsed and your lighting and sound technicians need to be able to easily turn the lighting off [...]

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The biggest problems with modern day cinema

The biggest problems with modern day cinema Mainstream cinema seems to be entering a strange phase of its creativity. Our multiplexes are now packed with the showing of sequels and remakes and it seems filmmakers are rapidly running out of ideas. The 2016 award-winning films were somewhat diverse in nature, and some were extremely thought-provoking [...]

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Lytro Cinema Camera

Fix it all in post…Lytro Cinema Camera If you have been following the British Cinematographer magazine for the past five years or more (and I hope you have) you will have seen various discussions about the Lytro camera and the implications for cinematography going forward. My original article was written rather tongue in cheek, yet [...]

LED Lighting

Another area in which technology has marched on has been in the use of LED lighting for moving picture productions. The advantages of LED lights are many over traditional hot lights, and include less power draw for more illumination, the ability to change the colour temperature of the light output at the turn of a [...]

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4K cameras

Unless you have been hiding from the world under a rock for the past year you will have no doubt noticed the big focus on 4K cameras and distribution from many manufacturers. Cameras such as Sony's F65 and the RED Scarlet-X and Epic, the Sony F5 and F55, the Canon EOS C500 EF, Blackmagic Design4K [...]

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