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Lytro Cinema Camera

Fix it all in post…Lytro Cinema Camera If you have been following the British Cinematographer magazine for the past five years or more (and I hope you have) you will have seen various discussions about the Lytro camera and the implications for cinematography going forward. My original article was written rather tongue in cheek, yet [...]

Speak To Camera Webinar recording

Epics Academy ran a webinar on Monday 23rd May 2016 you have a short time to watch it. For more information click below  

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Video tip of the day-speaking to camera

Video tip of the day I am often asked for different video tips and so I decided to give you a tip of the day from now on. Come back here to get more valuable tips. These tips will range from relatively simple areas such as bags and transport of your gear to why video [...]

LED Lighting

Another area in which technology has marched on has been in the use of LED lighting for moving picture productions. The advantages of LED lights are many over traditional hot lights, and include less power draw for more illumination, the ability to change the colour temperature of the light output at the turn of a [...]

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Cameras are getting smaller

Cameras are getting smaller. It's official. Looking around at the wide variety of cameras available it's clear to see the trend is firmly towards cameras becoming smaller and more compact. Looking back only a few years the thought of a 4K capable moving image camera was a thought only imagined by a few visionaries. Red [...]

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4K cameras

Unless you have been hiding from the world under a rock for the past year you will have no doubt noticed the big focus on 4K cameras and distribution from many manufacturers. Cameras such as Sony's F65 and the RED Scarlet-X and Epic, the Sony F5 and F55, the Canon EOS C500 EF, Blackmagic Design4K [...]

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DSLR Webinar 29th April 2014

DSLR cameras such as Canon 5D Mk3 and Nikon don't work exactly like a moving picture camera. They are stills cameras that happen to have a feature to record a sequence of video. As a stills camera they work really well and make great images, yet when it comes to shooting anything more than a few [...]

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Survey results

  Survey results   We now have the first results from the survey, and that has really helped me a lot is deciding what to concentrate on for the future. I wasn't surprised, and in many ways it was as I had thought, so that was very reasssuring. Thank you for responding and helping give [...]

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