Personal Note

John Keedwell has worked in the industry for over 30 years in most TV genres.

He started in the business at the lowest level as runner, then moved to clapper / loader, focus puller, then camera operator and High Speed came along.

John now works as Director of Photography, and is the chief facilitator of the training courses throughout the Epics Academy Ltd.

He has filmed in over 65 countries, mainly on documentaries, commercials, corporate, cinema films, drama, short films, live music events, travel, sport, news, current affairs, politics. John has a unique specialist knowledge of digital high speed image capture.

In addition he has worked on many music videos, with supermodels, on tour with Bon Jovi around the world for 6 months, also with the military, and filmed thousands of interviews with music divas, rock stars and film stars, Royalty, politicians, celebrities and more….


He has driven across the Sahara desert twice, also across Siberia in Land Rovers, and worked in such diverse countries and climates as Mali, Norway, Sweden, Venezuela, Rwanda, Egypt, Jordan, Fiji, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Oman, India, Australia, USA, Canada and many more.

I also write and edit articles in the GBCT section for the British Cinematographer magazine, now in its 11th year. Also the guest editor for Zerb, the Guild of Television Cameramen magazine, along with articles for High Definition magazine and others.

John is also a voting Bafta member for cinema films and TV productions.


Also Producer, Director and Editor, and produced Special Effects shots on movies.

Author of the award winning book “Get The Message Now?!? – The definitive guide to effectively delivering your message using video technology” – published in 2013.

This is merely to reassure you that what I teach my students is from vast experience and background knowledge.

Epics Academy

I realised there were many people wanting the skills to make their own videos, either for personal use, corporate use or for broadcast, yet due to the fragmentation of the broadcast industry there was little in the way of expert tuition available.

I decided to create the Epics Academy™ in 2013 after writing my book. I was genuinely shocked at the amount of truly appalling quality video out there, and was determined to do something to help others achieve what they wanted with their cameras.

A lot of the issues can be resolved with little or no money on equipment, its just a way of thinking as a professional and working with what you have. Of course there are useful tools to make your life easier, and there are few that are extremely useful that cost very little. I can show you what to do in different circumstances, and what bits to buy if you are able to.

Incidentally, for the present time I am the personal tutor on each course who turns up in person, so please now drop me a line and come and say hello.

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