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Hi, John Keedwell here,

I want to welcome you to the Epics Academy and Speak To Camera #speaktocamera

Discover the secrets how to quickly gain confidence in front of a video camera. 


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John Keedwell

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Maybe you are already aware of the power of public speaking for your business or simply positioning within your community.

Perhaps you are a celebrated speaker but suddenly, away from the stage or group setting it all seems to turn out differently when you try to get something down on camera?

Or perhaps you haven’t yet overcome the common misconception that everyone has about speaking to camera, you don’t like the way you look or sound.

Well, the great news is that these common issues and misconceptions can all be overcome, boosting your online presence and sales to boot.

There are really simple, low cost ways to nail your message in a video that gets you noticed for all the right reasons.

Does that sound like something you are looking for?


That tells me you have a story to share.

Well, whilst you have a story to share with a wider audience, I’d love to hear it.

I’d really love to find out more about what you are up to.

Click on the link below, and share a few lines or maybe a web address and let me look at what you are currently doing.

When you do that, I’ll send you a free audio file to listen to and and extensive ebook about making videos with your smartphone

And let’s see where it might take you

Speak To Camera – Talk To The World

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  • Do you have an idea or knowledge you want to share with the world?
  • Do you find it difficult talking to a video camera?
  • Many see talking to a video camera as terrifying

I have great news! You are not alone

Even trained stage speakers can find it difficult talking to a video camera, yet it is becoming essential to get your message out  using video in one form or another.

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