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Updated March 2016


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E.P.I.C.S.™ Means :

Entertaining – Make videos to entertain people. If it is entertaining people will keep watching

Professional – Make the video as professional looking as possible – Stand out above your competition

Interesting – Make your videos interesting. Give great information your viewers learn from each time

Cinematography – Give the Cinematography a WOW! factor. This elevates you above average.

Sales – Include a “Call To Action” in your video. Make a sale or ensure the viewer takes the next step.


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John Keedwell

Founder and CEO – Epics Academy Ltd

Would you like to communicate with video?

Would you like to learn how?

  • Video content is one of the most essential parts of any business in 2016.
  • The correct use of video will elevate your business above your competition.
  • Producing a professional looking product shows your customer helps the trust
  • People won’t trust you if you have a badly made video. Your sales will suffer.

If You Are:

  1. An Entrepreneur
  2. One person business.
  3. A Small and Medium Sized Business
  4. In a large Corporation
  5. An Individual
  6. A Photographer
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Benefits :

Make effective and beautiful video quickly

Save time and money by recording

React quickly to events and get a message out

Understand the video process

Drive traffic to your website

Communicate effectively with your customers

Become the “friendly people” to work with

Enhance your sales and clients

Help to establish your brand


Hi, I am currently offering a 15 minute FREE Skype call to see how I can help your business with video.

Please send a message through the website contact form, and we can have a chat.


Stop Press signSpeak To Camera-Talk To The World

  • Do you have an idea or knowledge you want to share with the world?
  • Do you find it difficult talking to a video camera?
  • Many see talking to a video camera as terrifying…..Why Is That? You may not even know why.

I have good news for you. You are not alone

Even trained stage speakers can find it difficult talking to a video camera, yet it is becoming essential to get your message out  using video in one form or another.

Do you have unique knowledge ?

  • Would that knowledge help many others around the world?
  • How many people are missing out by you not sharing?
  • You have a duty to share that knowledge with as many people around the world
  • That means talking to camera

Do You Need to:

  • Talk effectively to the media?
  • Express your ideas to many people?
  • Explain a Kickstarter project for funding?
  • Raise money for a charity?
  • Help more people around the World?
  • Share Your Ideas THE Most Effective Way

Like To Learn How?

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