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The ability to speak and communicate your message to a vast audience around the World has never been so technically simple, affordable and accessible as we have now. You are now able to communicate to a massive potential audience never imagined before.

Technically, the smartphone in your pocket now includes an extremely capable high definition video camera, far exceeding the technical ability of professional cameras only a few years ago.

You now have the ability to make HD videos and upload and store them free for anyone to see, wherever they are around the World. A video enables a fantastic personal connection to be made between you and your viewer.

However, whilst video may be technically simple and inexpensive, there are many people who find making videos of themselves quite hard to do. Indeed, even stage performers and speakers can often find the video camera quite daunting, so they don’t do it. That’s both a shame and a mistake.

As documentary cameraman I have recorded over 3,000 interviews with many different people, and many were extremely apprehensive when the filming process started, even very successful and famous people. I started to test several different elements to help them with their camera appearance.

Over time I developed a simple and effective method to help ease their nerves and help them to get their message across and show who they really were on camera. I noticed many people made a point of thanking me after the interview for helping them. The idea for the Speak To Camera System™ came from this previous experience over many years.

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Fast forward a few years and many businesses are now using video extremely effectively to gain a wider audience and credibility. Some are not, however. I was really intrigued why not.  I received great feedback from hundreds of business owners who had decided “video wasn’t for them”. I kept hearing 2 very common messages :

  • ” I look different on video and my voice sounds different “
  • ” Video makes me look heavier than I really am”

Certainly if you don’t know the reasons behind why video gives a different look to what you expect it can be harsh and unforgiving. All of these perceptions about video are actually real, and the decision to avoid using video is understandable. Many people have a brilliant message that can help many people around the world, yet they are held back from sharing that knowledge because of their inaccurate self image.

Once you have seen for yourself why this happens you can move ahead and then deliver your message around the World. Your audience will connect with you like never before. You can have customers you never thought possible before.

That is where I decided to turn my experience into a simple system you can follow to help you to speak confidently to any video camera.

Tell me about your message by clicking the button and filling in the form with no obligation at all. I will take a look and I will personally get in touch to see how I may be able to help you

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2 Questions

  • Do you have knowledge to solve other people’s problems?
  • Do you have a valuable message to share?

Then you need to share !

You already have the answers to problems. Many will be happy to pay you for that

What are you waiting for?

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From stills to video, increasing my turnover – thank you John Keedwell!

I’m a photojournalist based here in the UK, I travel all over covering work of NGOs in Africa, India, Nepal, etc. I also shoot, musicians, actors, commercial and corporate interiors and portraits. As a lot of photographers are now, I’m being asked to provide video content……Argh! …..I’ve been a stills photographer for over 20 years, and the world of video is an unknown territory.

I first came across Epics Vision Academy when I met John Keedwell, the guru(!) at an event at Elstree Studios. I immediately liked him and he explained how easy it is to edit a simple video and how arming myself with a little knowledge will upscale my photography offering 200 fold. He was right!

Many think stills photography is the same as video, yet both need different skills. And with Keedwell it doesn’t take long to master some new tricks to get you going. What I REALLY liked about Epics Vision Academy is that it is an online membership course, you feel part of a group but you can learn AT YOUR OWN PACE in YOUR OWN TIME and you can continue to learn and hone your skills as you go. A big plus for freelancers.

John Keedwell makes it easy for anyone (yes, even you!) to understand, starting with the real basics and you can move to the next level at a gradual pace. Covering everything from lighting video (which is different from stills!), controlling the camera (all the knobs and buttons and things), editing (which really sets you apart), which camera (there are a lot and he’s used practically all of them!) and more. John Keedwell’s teaching has given me much more confidence and knowledge when using a video camera now.

Whatever your reason for wanting to learn about video this is the course for you, at whatever level you are now. You’ll see a difference straight away!     Highly recommended.

Vanessa Champion PhD Photojournalist, writer, editor

Director of Dragonfly Communications, a creative agency

Founder of PhotoAid Global

www.vanessachampion.co.uk     info@dragonflycommunications.co.uk   www.photoaid.org.uk

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