The Speak To Camera System™ is designed by Cinematographer, International Speaker and Author John Keedwell. John is also the founder of the Epics Academy Ltd.

Often the costs of video production can be perceived as prohibitive. This doesn’t need to be the case. At the Epics Academy we teach you the many secret techniques the video professionals use to make the video look and sound great. This will elevate your video to a higher level and make your videos appeal to many more people.

To suit your learning preferences

Online course – You can learn at your own pace

Group workshops – When you want practical experience with others

Personal 1-1  – When you want a bespoke individual coaching service

  1. Every course member has regular access to:Videos to watch as many times as you likeAudio files – to listen to whilst you travelWebinars for you to actively participate

    Facebook group to share with members

What You Will Learn:

  • Self-Perception – Why You are ALWAYS different to how others see you
  • Talking on stage is different to camera – Know the differences
  • Understand WHY you are nervous when you speak to camera – conquer those fears
  • Make online courses you can monetise
  • Overcome nerves – using the EPICS M.O.V.I.E.S™ techniques
  • Get seen around the World – Find clients you would never find otherwise
  • How to write and construct your script so you can effortlessly express yourself
  • Structure your video so you don’t need to remember long scripts
  • Using your iPhone or smartphone
  • Using lighting to accentuate your best features and conceal your worst
  • Sound recording techniques to record quality sound
  • Re-purpose the videos for many different markets.
  • Help more people by sharing your knowledge
  • Make online courses you can monetise
  • How to use video to make greater contacts and grow your business
  • Communicate your ideas and Vision to the World!

…and much more…

Online Course


  • Learn When You Want

Live Events

Speak to camera Live course London May 2017

# LIVE # Next Course June 2017

  • Speak To Camera Success Summit

1 to 1 Individual Tuition

For 1-1 individual coaching – get in touch

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